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What should I say to my elected representatives? January 15, 2016


Below are some ideas as to what to say or write to your Congressional Representative. Keep in mind that every call, every letter, every interaction is logged, and noted, and presented to your legislator; meaning that your input does make a difference

“I am asking you to please vote against President Obama’s recent veto on the defunding of Planned Parenthood. It is crystal clear that Planned Parenthood is not only aborting babies, but selling their body parts for profit. My family and I do NOT want our tax dollars to go toward this organization any longer. Please stand for the right to life in America, even of the life of those in the womb.  Thank you for listening to me.”

You will want to call and/or write both your Federal Congressional Representative
and the two Senators in Washington, DC that represent your state.


Click on the Contact Congress button above
to get contact information for your elected representatives.

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